Nearly everyone wants full, defined lips, but most people aren’t naturally blessed with a plump pout. Even if you were lucky enough to have full lips in your youth, you may find that they have lost volume and smoothness as you’ve aged due to the loss of a structural protein called collagen.

Plumping the lips with dermal fillers has become increasingly popular, but some people are wary of fillers or nervous when it comes to needles. LipLase offers a non-invasive alternative for natural-looking lip enhancement without the use of dermal fillers or needles.

What Is LipLase Treatment?

LipLase is a laser lip treatment that can transform thin, aged lips into a fuller, smoother and more defined pout. This treatment uses heat energy to achieve more natural, subtle results compared to lip fillers. Laser lip enhancement can also be used for patients who’ve already had fillers and want slightly more full or defined lips.

What Can LipLase Achieve?

The characteristics of more youthful, attractive lips can be achieved with LipLase, such as:

  • Increased lip fullness
  • Enhanced lip shape
  • Smoothed wrinkles on and around the lips
  • Improved balance between the lower and upper lips
  • Well-defined lip edges (vermilion border)

How Does LipLase Work?

The Nd:YAG laser technology used for this cosmetic procedure delivers short, powerful bursts of energy into the deeper tissue layers of the lips without harming the surface. This energy heats the tissues in the lips, which stimulates a healing response that results in the natural production of collagen.

As new collagen is created, the lips become more voluminous and the skin around the lips tightens, creating a fuller, more shapely pout.

Will I Need Downtime After LipLase?

No downtime is needed after this non-invasive lip enhancement procedure, and you won’t have any bruising and swelling commonly seen with other laser treatments. Some mild peeling may occur that can be soothed with vitamin E lip balm.

How Many LipLase Treatments Will I Need?

While most patients see results after a single treatment, you will likely need a few laser lip treatments spaced four to six weeks apart to achieve your desired lip volume.

When you visit our office for your consultation, we will evaluate your lips and listen to your goals before creating a personalized LipLase treatment plan for you.

When Will I See My Results From LipLase Treatment?

Your results will be visible almost immediately after your laser lip treatment. You will notice natural-looking fullness and definition, and the color and brightness of your lips will be visibly improved.

How Long Will LipLase Results Last?

The initial results of this treatment generally last about five weeks. You may notice results last longer with each treatment as more collagen is produced.

How Can I Maintain My Fuller Lips?

If you want to maintain your results, we recommend undergoing repeat treatments every three months.

Achieve Fuller, Smoother Lips With LipLase in Fort Lauderdale

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