Whether you’re looking to improve your appearance, boost your immune system or replenish your body of depleted nutrients, IV therapy treatments can help. Through a simple vitamin infusion, IV therapy offers nearly immediate results to rectify a plethora of common issues, leading to a healthier you. It’s estimated that over 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration, which can cause ongoing medical complications. Our customized formulas will refuel your body and correct any deficiencies, helping you achieve a happier, healthier life.

At Broward ENT & Aesthetics, we strive to offer the latest and most advanced techniques in drip therapy treatments. Our IV therapy ensures the quick delivery of vitamins into your body’s circulation, leaving you feeling instantly revitalized and refreshed. We are committed to helping you discover the most effective treatments to achieve your goals. While there are multiple options available, board-certified otolaryngologist and ENT specialist Dr. Wilson DuMornay will work with you to determine which approach is best for you.

Benefits of IV Therapy

This decades-old treatment has become increasingly trendy in recent years, and for good reason. Since the contents of your package will be delivered directly into your bloodstream, you can reap the immediate effects of the vitamins you’re receiving. Specific benefits include:

  • Immune system boosts to fight allergies, the common cold and viruses
  • Enhanced appearance of skin, nails and hair through beauty vitamin drip combinations
  • Hydration and supplementation prior to and after scheduled surgical procedures
  • Improved athletic performance by strengthening bones and muscles
  • Faster speed of healing and recovery
  • Detoxifying the body of environmental pollutants and unwanted chemicals
  • Boosted energy levels and cognitive functions
  • Improved focus, mental clarity and mood
  • Increased blood flow to enhance libido and intimate performance
  • Reduced inflammation, free radical damage and oxidative stress
  • Lower stress levels and more restful sleep

How IV Therapy Works

IV therapy offers the most efficient method of delivery of vitamins and minerals into your body, allowing them to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream to provide near-instant revitalization. Unlike oral supplements, which require time for your body to break down and absorb, our customizable cocktails of vitamins and minerals get to work immediately in your system. Vitamins that are taken by mouth must be broken down in the stomach and digestive tract before they reach the bloodstream, and are only absorbed at a rate of about 50 percent. Vitamins given through an IV have a much higher absorption rate — around 90 percent — making them much more potent than oral supplements.

Personalized Therapy Options

IVs are a commonly used tool in medicine that offer the quick delivery of medication, hydration and nutrition. Our office will help you design a custom IV therapy regimen that best addresses your specific health and wellness concerns. Each IV formula is a personalized mixture that will be tailored to your body’s needs to reduce any existing ailments and to help you to attain your health goals.

Custom IV Treatments

Our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners are happy to advise you on how to best customize your IV therapy treatment using a precise, individualized cocktail of vitamins and minerals that will help you reach your health goals. Common treatments we offer include:


Strengthens your immune system so you feel better fast. How your immune system is performing can ultimately determine how you will perform by preventing you from becoming ill and speeding up your recovery time after being sick. The Immunity IV therapy consists of ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins and Zinc, which prevents infection and increases your body’s healing process. Improve your immune system with the Immunity IV therapy. 


Hydrates and combats fatigue due to dehydration. Dehydration is notorious for negatively affecting your mood, but with the Quench IV therapy you can restore your levels of hydration and ultimately restore your mood. Quench features a blend of ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins and an essential blend of minerals. With this treatment, you can potentially experience reduced inflammation, improved circulation and a restoration of essential vitamins. 


Reduces bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and more. The Alleviate IV therapy consists of B-complex vitamins, Calcium, Hydroxo B12 and Magnesium. By receiving this IV therapy, you will experience a more elated feeling with reduced irritability. The Hydroxo B12 component is specialized for treating low levels of Vitamin B12, which promotes healthy brain function, improving your outlook on life. 

Inner Beauty:

Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, acne and tired skin. Inner Beauty is like undergoing a cosmetic treatment, but intravenously. The IV therapy features ascorbic acid, a blend of B-complex vitamins and Biotin. The therapy can help give you a more youthful glow and let your radiance shine. In addition, because it includes Biotin, Inner Beauty promotes healthy hair and nails. 

Recovery & Performance:

Decreases recovery time and increases your athletic performance. Recovery & Performance is an excellent IV therapy choice if you need to quickly recover after an injury. The IV therapy features ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins, a blend of amino acids and minerals. This mixture is sure to help lessen your recovery time, putting you back in the game quicker. Ascorbic acid, in particular, is an antioxidant that can protect your cells from free-radicals, help you absorb iron, boost your collagen production and immunity. 


A quick and effective method to quickly combat hangover symptoms within 30-60 minutes. Our treatment rehydrates your body, helps you flush out toxins, restores nutrients lost during a night of heavy drinking, and cleanses your system.

Libido Boost:

Intimacy enhancement for both men and women. This drip will help increase your sexual endurance, improve your energy, and reignite the sparks in your life. Contains a mix of essential vitamins and amino acids to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to those vital organs.

Get Up & Go:

Burns fat, increases energy levels and boosts your metabolism. The Get Up & Go IV is formulated with B-complex vitamins that will keep your skin and blood cells healthy, while also converting nutrients into energy. The IV therapy also consists of a special blend of essential amino acids that will have you performing your absolute best in any athletic event. Get up and go with Get Up & Go IV therapy

Myers’ Cocktail:

Alleviates chronic symptoms, stress and chronic pain. Provides hydration and increased immunity. Reduces migraines, seasonal allergies, fatigue and inflammation. This famous IV cocktail was developed by John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, MD, over 60 years ago and features a mixture of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and B-complex and electrolytes. Restore your inner balance with Myer’s Cocktail. 

Libido Boost:

Enhances libido, energy and endurance for both men and women. Sex drive decreases with age, but there’s no reason to take that change lying down. The Libido Boost drip contains a mix of essential vitamins and amino acids that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to those vital organs. This stimulating cocktail is a natural approach to addressing sexual drive and stamina that can help reignite the sparks in a lackluster love life. 


Improves immune function, reduces inflammation, brightens skin, promotes energy and mental clarity, improves sleep quality, fights free radical damage and oxidative stress. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in countless body functions. Whether you choose a Glutathione IV drip or an intramuscular injection, incorporating this versatile antioxidant into your wellness routine can help you enjoy enhanced health, beauty and longevity.

How is IV Therapy Performed?

Depending upon the type of therapy you are receiving, treatment should take between 20-60 minutes. A small catheter will be inserted into a vein, and the infusion will be given gradually. While side effects are very rare, there may be minor local irritation at the injection site. Some patients report the taste of vitamins soon after the infusion begins, while others may experience minor flushing, which is a common sensation caused by magnesium.

Is IV Therapy Right for Me?

In a word, yes! IV therapy has been administered for decades by physicians, and there are little-to-no health risks associated with this type of treatment. Side effects are infrequent, and should they occur, you can rest assured they will be minimal. Typically, complications can be prevented with proper preparation and the benefits will outweigh any temporary discomfort.

If you’re wondering if taking a pill or supplement is a better option, remember, your body absorbs vitamins and minerals much more efficiently when delivered intravenously. Therefore, you will not receive the maximum benefit from oral treatment alone. Because the treatment is carefully concocted and administered by a medical professional, IV therapy is both safer and more effective than taking pills at home.

While it’s ultimately a personal decision, IV therapy is a safe way to receive tailored therapy to help you feel like your healthiest self. The results will be delivered quickly, and there is minimal risk involved. Many patients choose to receive ongoing treatments when they feel their energy dipping or their chronic conditions flaring, which is perfectly safe, too! Feel free to reach out to us directly to learn more and to discover if IV therapy is the right care option for you.

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