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Thyroid Issues That Might Require Surgery

More than 12% of Americans develop a thyroid condition at some time during their adult life, but women are 5-8 times more likely than men to end up with a thyroid problem. You may have a hard time knowing if you have a thyroid condition, as the symptoms can mimic many conditions.  That’s why it’s important to…

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5 Primary Types of Head and Neck Cancer You May Not Know About

The first thing to know about head and neck cancer is that we’re not talking about brain cancer, thyroid cancer, or esophageal cancer. Head and neck cancer refers to malignant tumors that occur in your mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, and larynx. As a group, these cancers affect about 4% of all adults, but your chances…

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balloon sinuplasty conditions

Find Lasting Relief From Your Sinus Problems With Balloon Sinuplasty

Are you constantly battling sinus problems, headaches and breathing difficulties? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from various sinus conditions that affect their daily lives and overall well-being. Fortunately, there’s a cutting-edge solution that has transformed the way sinus issues are treated: balloon sinuplasty.  In this comprehensive guide to balloon sinuplasty, we’ll…

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allergy season

End Your Allergy Nightmare: Tame Severe Seasonal Allergies With Expert Care

Allergy season is getting more severe and lasting into summer. Discover the reasons behind the worsening allergy season and how you can get long-lasting relief from your allergies with expert help at Broward ENT & Aesthetics. Table of Contents  Understanding Allergies  Types of Allergens  Understanding Allergic Rhinitis What Is Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis? Allergy Seasons and…

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How to Differentiate Between Allergies and Sinus Infections

As we wave farewell to one season and welcome the next, the change in weather often leads to symptoms that can leave you feeling “under the weather”. But is it allergies or, worse –a sinus infection? While it might initially appear daunting to differentiate between the two, navigating this diagnostic puzzle is essential for one…

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What to Expect When Having Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is often recommended for individuals with chronic sinus issues who are unresponsive to medication. Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps and deviated septum frequently necessitate surgical intervention. Understanding the various aspects, from preparation to recovery, can help ease concerns and ensure a smoother experience. Types of Sinus Surgeries Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) FESS is…

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Understanding Spring Vs. Fall Allergies: Your Seasonal Guide to Relief

Seasonal allergies can turn the most beautiful times of the year into periods of discomfort and frustration. Spring and fall are particularly notorious for triggering allergies, but the allergens responsible for them and their symptoms can vary significantly between these seasons. Understanding these differences is crucial for effective management and relief. Let’s explore the unique…

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